Why hello, how is the Christmas season treatin' ya?
I love Christmas. With all my heart. But to tell you the truth, it feels like mid-November, not December because of Winnipeg's lack of snow! The usual couple feet of snow is now a weak couple of centimeters. Pooh. And tonight is Christmas Eve...EEEEK! The Christmas tree is bursting with gifts and I am feeling so happy! (can you tell i'm a bit obsessed?) 
Enough of that. Awhile back me and my sister had a down town adventure and got some sweet shots. Our adventure included wandering the Exchange District and then dangerously standing on the boulevard of a six lane road just to get the perfect picture- and have some fun of course. 
Headband & Scarf- Unknowns from Europe
Pants- American Apparel
Boots- Dolce Vita
I hope your  Christmas Eve is magical. 

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