Shirt- my sisters
Bow- Vintage
Leggings- Unknown
Shoes- Street vendor somewhere in Europe!
Socks- Joe 
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I love bows around the neck, and have always wanted to wear one and be so classy. Well here we are. I finally found a way to wear one! This shirt is very comfy: big, light and opaque. And a crazy colour, too. I would like to have a shirt like this in a baby pink maybe, or cream. 
Spring is creeping around the corner...today was so sunny. (these photos were taken yesterday, hence the not-so-sunny) I went outside again and got some springy looking outfit shots, I will share them with you soon.
Also, thanks Madi for snapping these of me! I get tired of posing in front of my tripod constantly, so this was a happy break.


thanks for your thoughts! xo