Looking Back...

Well, first year of this blog is DONE! Buh-bye, 2011...Bonjour 2012!
Now, why don't we reminisce? Let's look back at some of my favourite posts from the past year. Or...since this blog began. :)
Sunday - June
Picket Fence - August
Chic - September
Leaves - September
Field - October
Woodpile - November
Undecided - November
30 - December

 So there you have it...my eight favourites of the year. (The number eight has no meaning...it just so happened there were eight I liked. Haha) My goal for this blog in the next year: put myself out there. So help me out, would you? Grab a button! Follow me! Spread the word!
Happy New Year - 2012 baby!

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