Way back

Finally, seems like it has been forever since I posted last. You know the deal; life has been crazy and busy...yada yada...but really! Life has been crazy! Haha, I seem to be having trouble making time for blogging! 
One thing I have not been lacking of is taking pictures, I have been taking more than ever! The problem is editing...I have literally hundreds and hundreds of photos from the past couple of weeks to go through, file and edit. How do these everyday bloggers do it?! 
So, these photos are actually from November, believe it or not. Me and Drew took these photos on a weekend retreat out in the Canadian Whiteshell long, long ago, and for some reason I never posted them. 
Pants- American Apparel
Blouse- Vintage
Boots- Vintage
Cardi- Joe Fresh
That is all,

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