Hello! This has been a long time coming...here is my first...'issue'!  I got inspired a while ago by Neon Blush (formerly Jenny from the Block) and her 'issues', (hm, not sure what to call it!)  so I decided to hold off on sharing the photos that me and Drew took awhile ago... so that I could create this!
This is my first time making something like this...and it doesn't even come close to the design amazing-ness of Jenny's! But it was fun to make and I am satisfied, and it'll just get better over time. More of these to come, for sure.
Enough babbling. Take a look!

Have a good Tuesday!

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  1. Sierra! this is amazing! i was thinking of posting some of these pictures too, although not as fancy as this! great job,
    feel better!


thanks for your thoughts! xo