Why, Hello

Why hello! It has been quite the while, hasn't it? Well here I am, after two weeks of hiding. Actually, crazy stuff has been happening! I went on an inner city missions trip over spring break for the full ten days, serving in my own city! It was such an insane experience. For those who aren't familiar, the Winnipeg inner city is quite rough, poverty and homelessness is very present. Along with my team of ten other students and three leaders, we loved on kids at a day camp for children in the community. I thought I was pouring into the lives of these kids, but I was being filled more than I could have imagined. God is at work! Our time was filled with training, preparing, learning and loving- it was such a filling experience!
So that's what I was up to! Just thought I'd let you know, thanks for taking the time to read about my life!
Three of my friends in a field! Just one of the things we did:)

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