Away I Go

Soon my absences will become less and less dear friends, very soon! But not just yet, I am off to Minneapolis for the rest of the week! Shopping at the Mall of America and Valley Fair are my top two things to check off the list, but I will be doing a whole lot more crazy fun stuff! I am going with my choir, so music will be involved as well. :)

This is a quickie...these were just snapped after I got home from a friend's house. It was colder, so no bare legs, feet or arms on this one! But man, is it getting HOT! Mothers day was wonderful, and since I spent the entire day outside I have some pretty nice burns, too! Summer here I come! 

PS- I am 'scheduling' some posts for while I am gone, because I just realized I have been taking SO many photos...and not posting them! So I gotta get catch up! :)
 Jean Jacket- Vintage   Scarf- Unknown   Jeans- Stitches
Shoes- Europe!   Brooch- Vintage

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