Tickle me fancy and call me Susan, it's October! I cannot believe how time has flown. Seems like I should still be in the first week of summer! But nope, time disagrees and says IT'S OCTOBER! Hm. Funny how things work. 

I really love fall. Here's some reasons why:

Pumpkin everything. I am most definitely making this delight soon.
Fall crafts. I think this one is so splendid, I just might make it myself.
Cozy autumn fashion. Dressing up like this, this and this. This, too.
Coat shopping time! If I could find one like this, I would be happy forever.
Warm drinks. Pants. Leaves. Autumn smells. Early sunsets. 
Just a few of my favourite things about fall.
What are yours?

I have decided to take a break from my traveling photos, I am saving them for when winter hits and I will be needing some pretty pictures to use since there won't be much to take pictures of around here other than snow! ♥ So now we will enjoy the oodles of fall loving photos I have and will be taking. I want to embrace this season while its here, because it'll be gone before I know it! 
That is all, hope you enjoyed this mostly-text-post: something different!

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