2013 and 101st

Happy New Year everyone! 
You are probably all heading out to classy parties and whatnot, i'm sure ;) My family has 
never really been into doing something big to welcome the new year, so tonight will just
 be a good night with my family at home. Ordering in Chinese food, sitting by 
the fire...and maybe watch some Lord of the Rings?! (don't tease me...I may be a huge fan) 
Anyways- hope everyone's year-end is fabulous.

Back to photos from my trip to Ottawa, these are some from some late night city walking. It is such a beautiful city-especially at night. There were Christmas lights hung in every tree and the wet streets reflected the glow of the lights. It was wonderful.

Aaaaand...Happy 101st post to me! 
That's 101 times I have shared on this blog, and I have enjoyed every single one. And I hope you have, to.

Well thanks for bearing with me on this extra long post...
Now ya'll go celebrate!

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