JACKET-carol reed   SWEATER-h&m   DRESS -thrifted   BOOTS-unknown
Oh hello! Now, back in November- before the snow, before my braces came off, before I got new glasses...(a lot happens in two months!) these photos were taken with Drew! We had just gone to a craft sale in this gorgeous neighborhood, with all these amazing old mansions, so where better than to snap some photos?
Currently outside it is absolutely freezing...and when I say freezing, I mean it. This is Winnipeg, people. And a ton of snow thanks to a huge blizzard yesterday! So the photos above really don't show what I'm going through. (hah!)
Oh, how I miss November


  1. incredible photos! i too, love looking at buildings new and old, though old mansions are particularly mysterious and interesting! love your bag and style! -xo.melody

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I dream of living in an old house someday ;)


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