SKIRT & SHIRT- joe    SWEATER- a friend's    
BOOTS- spring    BAG- vintage

Me and my mama did some site seeing in Ottawa, as you would expect being in a new city, and for us this involved a couple of museums. These photos are from the Canadian War Museum, which is actually the coolest building ever. 

I am not a regular traveler, so my packing skills are the greatest...so some of my outfits weren't what I planned, but I was always comfy! This outfit was rather thrown together from the randoms that I hadn't worn yet. ;)

[I had a Photoshop CS6 thirty day trial...oh my goodness, LOVE. but I only have 3 days left! Noooo! I would just dish out the cash and buy it if I had a new computer, but since I can see a computer purchase in the future and I am not sure if it will be Mac or PC...I can't commit to buying it! Agh. That's my technology schpeil of the day.]

that is all, 

my mama♥♥

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