SCARF- aldo   BAG- my sistas    PANTS- american apparel   JACKET- carol reed   BOOTS- sporto 
/photos of me taken by drew! all others are moi/

Some exchange district wandering with Drew, including dancing in the snow, the Mondragon, a cup of chai, and of course the numerous graffiti walls. 
Snow is still falling...and it's March. Oh well, I really shouldn't be surprised! Plus it is quite warm, despite the white blanket still on the city. 
I had thought I was going to have no pictures to post through the winter because I wouldn't be taking any photos, but I was totally wrong! I had plans for posting summer travel pictures I never got to, but I guess that will have to wait! (Who woulda thought) Apparently I have really been embracing this winter :)

Heyoh- if you haven't checked out my tumblr where I post my photography and what-not I would love if you did! You will see some stuff you won't see here! 

That is all!


  1. love that outfit! GREAT mustard pants!

    1. haha thanks so much! HEY i'm a huge follower/lover of your blog!! ♥


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