team time tie-dye // peri
does it look like me?! // sydney
beautiful faces // saying goodbye through the glass
food for the community // story time with sierra
a moment // just brand new
loving our god // happy time all the time
not even sure // late night team time tim tam slam
just happy // it's love
heart breaker // drew

Feels like it's been awhile! After my return home from my spring break trip I have been catching up with school and life...and to my dismay this seems to be catching up with me = one sick sierra! booo. 
ANYWAYS- that's not what I'm here to tell you about! 

Here we have a whole batch of photos that I like to call SOAR SNAPS! 
Over spring break I went on an inner city missions trip. Yup- that means I went on a missions trip but never left my own city! (It's called SOAR heartland, by the way.) Here is my first description of the trip. Let me tell you, it was aaaaaamazing, but really, could it be anything but? Probably not.

My team and I were like a FAMILY and our time together was the best, but more then that- the families, kids, babies and people we got to interact with, play and laugh with, help and support, and overall pour God's LOVE into- it is beyond words. 

So above is a little glimpse of what my ten days looked like, mostly being a ton of absolutely gorgeous faces. 
If you are interested in more about my trip and what it's all about, I will pop some links at the end for you to check out, or you can always shoot me an email :)

All for now,

PS. my apologies if these pictures are pixelated...things got a bit funk-ay
SOAR video: here      MBmisson site: here      SOAR page: here


  1. these are beautiful! i love the one of you laughing with a friend :) and the one where the baby is sleeping on his mamma, how sweet and precious! looks like you had a wonderful time!

    grace & love,

  2. You are darling!! Great style girlfrienn. :)

    Hailey Devine


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