SHIRT- joe   JEAN JACKET- vintage   SKIRT- thrifted   
SOCKS- american apparel   SHOES- target   PURSE- vintage
thanks my lovely sister for snapping these

why hello! how time flies, it's june already!
i just finished the school musical i was in, so now i have all this free time all of a sudden! that is...until exams start next week, hah! life is grand though, i am pretty pumped for stuff i have planned for the summer...well really i'm just pretty excited for life right now :)

my sister, my mama and i had a girls day starting with breakfast at the Park Cafe in Assiniboine Park, and afterwards we of course had to mosy around through the beautiful garden. i just love how all the flowers are blooming...biking and walking is now the most wonderful experience with all the flower fragrances floating about.

i hope you have a most wonderful evening,


  1. hope you did well on all your exams and are now enjoying summer vacay!

  2. I love your entire outfit - the skirt, jacket, and purse are incredible! Hope your exams went well!


thanks for your thoughts! xo