MAUI // part I 
first views of the island and honopoa waterfall

I am so excited to finally share photos from my trip to Maui, Hawaii! I went in January by myself to visit my brother who is living there, and had the most amaaazing time. I am in love with the people i met and instantly connected with, the dear friends i made, the beauty i was surrounded with, the special times i had with my brother, traveling alone, the hot sun and salty water, and so much more on that wonderful island. 

my very first day there i actually didn't take any photos on my camera, i was way too busy soaking it all in- so my photos start with day two. one of my first few views of the island was simply pulling over beside the highway and walking down to watch the waves when we were on our way to the waterfall. allison (the curly haired fairy) is the most happy, sweet, fun and beautiful person and it felt like i'd known her forever. she led us deep into the jungle to a place known by the locals as fairyland, a waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and hanging vines. (whether that is its accurate name, I'm not sure- but it was also called honopoa, so hopefully one of those is right. ) on our walk back we crossed paths with an abandoned treehouse across the river from us, and it truly felt like fairies would appear at any moment. yes, it was a magical day.


thanks for your thoughts! xo