maui // part 5
old maui high and abandoned factory

one of my last days in maui was spent with three amazing girls i became friends with (kealani, joy and sky ) who took me on the most amaaaazing adventure and turned out to be the most gorgeous models everrrr. what a blessing it is to have locals as your tour guides!! we first went to old maui high, the remains of a high school almost 100 years old. then, after walking through fields and following dirt roads we finally arrived at this abandoned factory reclaimed by nature and absolutely covered by art and graffiti. it felt like a surreal paradise, like something out of a fantasy story book. every inch was either gorgeously painted, colourfully graffitied (some nicer than others...) or overgrown with vines and trees. i imagine it to be a meeting spot for creatives and hippies or lucky tourists like me who are blessed with the knowledge of it's location. (which i think it is!)  it's location remains a secret and i don't believe you can find it on a map...if i didn't have these photos i'd think it was all a dream xx

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