trinidad // part two
seeing more of the island

these were our first moments out of the gates of the children's home and we loved every second of it. we played on the beach right off the highway with the kids, 
many of whom had never been to the ocean and were quite scared of it! the sand was covered in shells and sand dollars and every little one's pocket was stuffed 
with treasures by the time we got back on the maxi. (trini for taxi bus) 

we then headed up into the mountains to visit our friend. of course i was enthralled with every leafy plant we passed, 
it was lush jungle paradise and i was in love! we saw such diversity throughout the island; in scenery, wealth and poverty, people, pace of the streets and lifestyle...what an interesting island. 
one thing was clear to us though- how God's presence turns that all upside down. He humbles the proud. He calls the wealthy to the poor. He qualifies the called. 
He comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable. And He calls each of us to bloom, wherever we are planted.

spread amongst these images i'm including wise words that stuck with me spoken by one of the most amazing men i've ever met: 
the founder of the children's home and an incredible business man and world changer. he works to instil wisdom, encouragement 
and inspiration in the children and whoever he comes in contact with. all quotes came straight from his mouth in simple conversation.

isaiah 51:3

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