So, here goes my first post. It's been sitting in the back of my head for way too long now, (like more than a few months...) and I gotta just take this first step! 
Alright, my name is Sierra and my home is the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I love many things, I'm sorta a do-it-all kinda gal. Some of my major fascinations are photography, crafting, blogging, art, and of course, fashion. :)
These are all things that I have always had a passion for, but it is just recently that i have really been getting into and involved with these things! 
I feel as though I am finally becoming more myself, and I am at a stage where I am trying to get my hands on everything possible, learning more about my talents, likes and passions... uncharted waters. 
Join me, will you?


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thanks for your thoughts! xo