Hello again! 
Mmm, Sunday:) Today started off beautiful and sunny but now it's looking stormy... the dark sky is quite beautiful.
So, you know how I mentioned that this (blog) has been in the back of my head for like...forever? Well for some time now I have been shooting my outfits and keeping track of them and whatnot, (in the mindset that I will post them soon) but never actually recording them! I have accumulated quite the stash of outfits- so now I will have a steady flow of material for posts. :)

So I am going back to April 26th, the day I did this shoot.  By then the weather had started to warm up and the sun had come out, but it was still pretty chilly at times. But that didnt stop me from taking pictures outside!

 Haha, my crazy 'Carrie Bradshaw Bun'- thanks Beth Jones:)

skirt- street vendor in Rome
tights- aldo
shoes- joe fresh

This evening I went to this new tea shop on Osbourne called 'Tea Story' and it was so sweet! The decor is like, the coolest thing around and the food is wonderful! Details and pictures to come:) And EEK! My birthday is on Wednesday!

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