I thought that since I am sitting here now, I might as well just do another post. 
This was actually only four days ago, and it was chillly! That's Winnipeg for you, the weather flip-flops constantly! Anyways, I wore this on rec-day, where my grade spent the day at a park. It was such a yucky day, no sun and always cold. So dreary. Whats funny though, is now that I am looking through these pictures, it looks pretty nice and sunny! Ha. All illusions. 

Dress- Thrifted
Belt- Joe Fresh
Ring- Forever 21
Necklaces- Thrifted
Shoes- Zellers?

I found this dress at the nearby Goodwill, and just loved it. It was awkwardly down to about the mid-ankle, but I thought the top part and floral was fabulous, so I couldn't leave it. (Plus it was dollar day. SCORE.) 
I took it home and got my wonderful momma to hem it, and voila! I love thrifting:)

That is all,

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