Lovely Things

Home at last, for the rest of the summer! It feels so good to be planted finally. 
Camp was absolutely fantastic, love the place so much and the people even more!
Today I went to buy a used Canon Rebel XS from a guy but it didnt work out...soon baby, soon I'll get my camera. I will probably end up buying new. 

This is a new thing I am going to do, post a few items I currently wish for. :) Horray!


I like TOMS so much, oh, how I would love for my feet to be adorned by one of these lil beauts. 
Yeah...the whole store pretty much. But especially this ring. Oui? J'aime tres boucoup. (Dont make fun of my french.) I have a gift card for there...we'll see what I end up with! 

Thats it for now... more not-so-lame posts coming shortly.

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  1. aaah I've been in love with this top for ages C: it's so lurvley. your blog is cutsies C:C:



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