Oh, baby I'm excited!
I love stumbling upon things, don't you? I have quite a few things I want to share. First being music, The Givers are pretty darn cool if you ask me. Like groovy-hippie-time-to-the-max. And Jaymee Dee? Uh, talent. Second, new blogs! Yay! A Beautiful Mess, Promise Tangeman, and Atlantic-Pacific. Yeah man. I heart DIY by the way. Third, Pintrest! I mean, how cool is that. I just got started...so mine is lame but still. I could spend hours on that site.

I feel as though I am just rambling...Excuse my rambling-ness. GUESS WHAT? I have ordered the Canon Rebel XS. My baby's on its way home. Be excited.

That is all,

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