Simple Summer

I am back on the blogging ball. For real this time, I still don't know what got into me, just not really feeling the blogging thing. Big news: I have my Canon Rebel XS! It came in the mail two days ago...and I have already taken around six hundred pictures. Not cool, Sierra. 
Well, I have a TON of pictures to edit, so while I do that here is a older shoot. 

 I find that I often throw on this dress, so simple, light and easy to wear. That's what I do usually, just wear whats easy. :)
 Daisy gets camera shy, I have to coax her into it.

I am hoping to have a ton of outfit posts unloaded in the next lil while, and I can't wait to post pictures that I took with my new baby! Trying to think of a name...Hm.


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