I really am not a good blog writer. All I write about is the weather. And the season. (Which does have a lot to do with what I wear...but still.) I kinda suck. I'm not going anywhere interesting....and I am not doing anything exciting....I guess I just have to learn to make blogging interesting. But I am just a newbie...like only 20 posts or something which is nothing compared to the hundreds and hundreds of my favorite experienced bloggers. Hm. 
Well too bad for moi, I will learn. Hopefully. Or I will be forever hopeless and any person who shall stop by and read my blog will groan in sorrow for the pitiful blogging skills shown here. I apologize.

Blazer- Vintage
Shirt- H&M
Pants&Shoes- unknown

Me and my sister went to Goodwill tonight, found an incredible bag and a super cute leather satchel/backpack along with some other treasures...and total cost? 12 bucks. Mhm, thats how I shop. 
All for now,

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