You might have seen them in a couple previous posts, but these are my two new specs. My old ones were not doing it. They were a couple years old, brown on the outside and green in the inside, super thin rectangular shape....just...not me. And such a damper on my style. 
So when I went about finding glasses I was quite frustrated because as soon as they were stylish enough for my taste, they were over 200 dollars for the frame alone. Nuh uh. 
Since I wanted a pretty out there kind of style, they should be cheap in case they are not my thing in a year or something. Then, my art teacher told me about Zenni Optical, which has ridiculously cheap glasses! Like, unbelievably cheap! And there you have it. Two pairs for moi. 

 Pair une

Pair deux

The smell of fresh pancakes is wafting through the room right now, what does your Sunday smell like? Happy Sunday,

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