I'M LOVING: Velvet

Okay, so I know I have been gone for a while...like, a LONG while, but life is crazy! Exams are this week, but then I have a ton of time off - so then i will catch up! In the mean time, I thought I would start a new feature...I'M LOVING. And today's love: velvet

This velvet shirt. (and check out her incredible blog, too)

This velvet skirt in black from American Apparel is on the top of my wish list.
And these velvet leggings, also from AA.
And oh my goodness. How cute is this bow? Of course, from AA. They just have all the good stuff. 
This velvet dress found on Lookbook is adorable.

*NOTE - just click on the picture to go to where the photo was found!*

Thats all for today! Got to go study...wish me luck!

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