Just a few beautiful pictures from Flower Child that inspire me. 
These look almost exactly the same as my glasses! 
I ordered some new ones a couple days ago...Cant wait for the to come! 
This is beautiful wrapping...And I am giving a couple gifts away 
tomorrow so I might just wrap it like this!
Me and a friend have been pen pals for awhile,
basically an excuse to make pretty stuff, send it in the mail to
each other, and also receive something in the mail!
(We all know the joy that comes with that!)
This looks so simple, but so beautiful.  
I might send something like this to her next.

All photos from Flower Child, it's beautiful photography, isn't it? Hope your weekend is wonderful. You can be expecting many posts soon! I have a ton of photos to edit and go through, so we will see when it happens! Ha! 

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