Seasonally Challenged

Dress- Vintage
Tights- Joe
Brooch & Shoesies- Vintage
Top- Urban Planet
I am one step closer to all those summery photos I see on every blog right now! Gary Pepper Vintage and Snakes Nest are driving me insane with their gorgeous glorious warm pictures! It'll come, it'll come.
Speaking of coming, my glasses are supposed to arrive any day now...can't wait! Of course at this point I am having second thoughts. Hah.
Back to the photos. Since it has been sunny lately, and dare I say it...warm, I seem to have tricked myself into thinking it is spring. So here I am, wearing a summery floral dress and a flower brooch...in the snow. Oh well, no one said I couldn't. 
I just thought of something: all the recent photoshoots that I will be posting soon are totally winter wonderland themed! What a flip-flopper I am. Now spring, then winter. How unpredictable am I.

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