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Hola! Exams, done! School, done! I am a free woman! Even now that summer is in full swing my mind hasn't quite adjusted to this lifestyle...I still think there's a million due dates around the corner! It'll set in soon, I'm sure. What keeps you busy now that summer break is here? My brother is graduating, so my time has been filled with grad preparation and parties and whatnot, and I got a job at an ice cream shop nearby, the Bridge Drive-In (which I'm sure I will post more about at some point), and friends and photography fill up the rest! Man, I cannot believe summer is here!

On another note, I've got the itch to chop my hair! I am not sure on anything yet...but Pinterest keeps me dreaming! So here is my latest hair inspiration...but we'll see if I actually get the courage to snip it.

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Primarily Alexa Chung, she's my hair role model. Well, I'm off! Goodnight

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  1. Love the idea!! I say go for it!


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