I wear my heart on my...leg?

Why hello! 
So, today is a DIY day! (Actually...I think my first diy post! Aside from my guest post on Drew's blog...which is crazy because I am constantly crafting!) With no schedule to keep to on these summer days, I find myself sporadically creating something quite often! The diy that I am about to show you, for example. I was sitting in my room. There just happened to be my box of fabric scraps sitting beside me. So was my camera. The idea came to me. I grabbed the other supplies in no time, and just decided to do this- just because. Now isn't that nice? I love being able to do whatever-no homework to get done or places to go. (Mind you-some days I don't rest for even a moment, just these days I am describing come more frequent now that it's summer!)

Enough babbling, here is a DIY for you to try!
That's all! Hope you like it!

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