//pause// a summer outfit

Hello! A little break from my traveling posts....which will continue after this! 
I just found these wonderful outfit photos that Drew shot of me, and they must be shared before it gets too late, seeing as it is a summer outfit. This was shot in mid-August, so it's about time!
My go-to outfit of the summer was almost always based upon this key item: high-waisted jean shorts. You can dress them up or down, they go with almost anything, and since I had collected about seven pairs over the summer, they really were the staple of my wardrobe over the summer! See below for example...
 SHIRT- thrifted   SHORTS- vintage
SHOES- thrifted   BELT- joe fresh
NECKLACE- ma sistas

I will be continuing with photos the journey tomorrow, picking up where I left off from "getting there". Won't you join me?

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