guess what...?

It's true!
If you look to the right you will see a shiny new badge proudly declaring my love for pre-worn gems, secondhand beauties and THRIFT STORES. 
Thrifting is the bomb because a) vintage finds that can't be found anywhere else, b) unique finds that can't be found anywhere else, c) because of a and b : you have a wardrobe no one else has! d) when someone asks you where you got something you can nonchalantly say "oh, just from the thrift store" or "oh, it's vintage", e) helping the earth, yo! and lastly... f) you can blast Thrift Shop as you actually drive down the street to your nearest Goodwill. Nothing better.

You can check out the group by clicking the badge above or on the side, or check out the blog at Dearest Lou.

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