true voyageur

JACKET- target    SWEATER- thrifted   SCARF- gift   SHORTS- thrifted   
BOOTS- famous footwear   TIGHTS- joe

"why hello dere little girl"

Festival du Voyageur (fest-ee-vaal   doo   voy-a-guyur. kind of.)

The Festival is a huge French-Canadian event that happens every February, and for most Manitoban's is a big tradition! But for some reason this little missy (me) had never gone before! And alas, it was the best! Some of the main attractions include the Fort (with furnished old French houses and fully costumed actors), the ice sculptures, shopping (I certainly bought my share), snow activities (hay rides, tobogganing, snow maze, snow shoeing, etc...),  the entertainment (French music, oui oui?),  food (a favorite being the maple taffy made in snow- pictured above) and of course if you are of-age, after hours partying! 
Phew! Got the idea?! Well my friends and I had a ball. (Can you tell? I was all smiles)
Hope you are all having some winter fun before it's gone!

That's all,
ps. wanna see more Festival snow sculptures? Or check out the website?

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