i'm off

Playing around with shadows and my hair.
Hello there!
Well, here we are - first day of spring tomorrow! And you know what else is tomorrow?! I am leaving for 10 days over spring break on a missions trip! 
"What is a missions trip? Where are you going?" you ask? Let me tell you! 
This isn't your average missions trip, it's a missions trip- in my own city. It happens every year over spring break, where hundreds of students from all over the province come together for 10 days of serving our city! As smaller teams we go to all sorts of ministries around the inner city and spread God's love, while training, learning and all living together the rest of the time! You don't need to travel to a third world country to find helplessness, hopelessness and people who need some lovin. 
While I am away I have a couple of posts scheduled- so don't go no where! When I get back I will be sure to share with you some of my memories and photos. 

Enjoy some sunshine!


  1. You have such a Beautiful Blog design, did you do it yourself!?
    Happy Friday,

  2. stalking your blog (in a non-creepy way!) and i just couldn't resist commenting. what an amazing experience! a lot of people go on mission trips to other countries, but i think it says a lot that you were willing to serve the people in your own community :) it's such a humbling adventure, to share God's love with those around you. i hope all went well!

    grace & love,

    1. Oh no, it's an honor you are 'stalking' my blog ;)
      Yes- it was an absolutely AMAZING experience. I will be sharing some photos and memories of my time in the next couple of posts!


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