beautiful people

on me: SHIRT- aritzia   PANTS- cheap monday   BOOTS- dirty laundry
SWEATER- from my sister   SCARF- costa blanca

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the beauty I see all around me. That's really a huge part of why I have the passion for photography that I do, I want to capture this beauty, hold on to it. I am a very sentimental person, I never want to forget what moves me so deeply. 
It fills me so much to photograph these things. To see beauty in everything- where it's obvious, but especially where it's hidden. Because I believe there's beauty in everything, and to capture it with my camera is like nothing else. 

Well there you have my thoughts right now!
These are my babe friends Madi, Madi and Laura, by the way! (Yep, two Madi's...we call them Madi Squared) And thanks to them for also snapping some of me on our little adventure! We found a set of those fire escape stairs that was accessible all the way to the top of a building! I was super pumped. Fo sho going back there.

That's all lovelies,

ps. these were taken on saturday...please notice the snow sitting stubbornly on the ground. Yup.


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  2. Can I come and hang with you girls??? You girls look like a lot of fun!!!

    Cute outfits :)

    ps. your ad is almost expired... go renew if ya wanna! And upgrade it to a bigger ad if ya wanna too!

    1. Aw Natalie, so sweet :)
      Thanks for the warning!

  3. Love these images! and all of the outfits <3


thanks for your thoughts! xo