spring jumble

Oh hello! 
There is no more snow on the ground! That is like, a huge deal for this city. (Some of these photos were taken a couple days ago, where you can still see some snow!) But we are currently snow-less and I feel that much closer to summer! Ah.

I took the first couple of photos (the ones without me in them) in my back yard. Twas a pretty evening, with droplets on the trees and sun through the branches, and of course wearing rubber boots made it that much better.
And as for the photos with me in them...notice anything?
I am wearing a new pair of glasses! Agh...but sorry to say I am returning them. :( These photos don't show it all too well, but they are awfully small on me! So I will find another I guess. (bought them online...hence the wrong sizing!) 

Okay. It's late, it's friday, i'm babbling...good night!


  1. cute boots! and that's a shame about the glasses :( where did you buy them from? the shape is cute. i got a pair from firmoo but they're too big haha!

    1. I bought them from Clearly Contacts, which is where I got my current glasses from and I LOVE! oh well, better luck next time :)


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