my life lately III

1. windy lunch date // 2. picnic in the park // 3. just sunbathing
4. ma gurl did ma hur all nice // 5. top-down cruising with jess // 6. being weird at school
7. driving, y'all! // 8. loving the rubber boot weather // 9. blue skies and babysitting
10. pup's free as a bird // 11. sunshine happy kiddo // 12. wagon walking shadow
13. fav smoothie at Stella's // 14. pup likes my uke :) // 15. From Giants EP release was magical.
16. iced coffee on a hot day  from Thom Bargen // 17. mm-mm-gooood 
18. what i spend most my days doing, duh. 

round three folkies! photos from my phone numero trois. (hehe..hope you don't mind the overload)
if you follow me on the 'stagram you might have seen some of these shots, while others are neeew!
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everybody! everybody! it's feeling like...dare i say the S word......
Yes siree there are days where it truly feels like it (despite the barely green grass and leaf-less trees) and i can barely wait for hot sun and blooming flowers.
come quick, spring! come quick, summer!


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