Me and my sister went out for a fall photoshoot in this wonderful tall grass field. This fall I have been kind of obsessed with shorts over tights, which is so fashionably displayed here. Soon I am going to do a 'fall fashions' post, highlighting all my favorite autumn looks. 

I discovered PIXLR! Eek i'm excited! I don't have any fancy photo editing software and I am getting tired of the way I edit photos so I just searched 'vintage photo editor' and stumbled upon pixlr! I used the vintage photo one, and I LOVE it. 

I kinda went crazy trying all sorts of different effects, so excuse the craziness in these pictures. 

Pink Sweater-Thrifted
Other Sweater- Thrifted
Tights- unknown
Shorts- Thrifted c/o Madi
Shoes- Forever21

All the pictures were took by my sister, Kaily, by the way. Hope you enjoyed this crazy amount of pictures:)

Also, some vertical pictures keep uploading horizontal, so we will see if I can get those to upload correctly, then I might have a post with all the extra photos.



  1. seriously? could you be any cuter? i had no idea you had a blog. now that i know i will follow you my sweet friend. and you should do the same for me if you want to be entered to win that scrappy little gift hun. thank you so much for your kind words on my 100th post.

  2. oh! i completely thought i had followed you. and now i have. :) thanks so much sherri!


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